Friday, August 30, 2019

New glasses

When I had my annual eye exam in July, my prescription changed. It changed a little last year too but since I wear contacts most of the time, I decided that getting new glasses could wait.

When I mentioned that to the eye doc this year, she tilted her head slightly forward and looked at me sternly over her eyeglasses. It was one of those YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME looks. I've seen it before when I've made unwise decisions.

At any rate, I picked up my new glasses on Wednesday. These gradually go from being about to see "out yonder" to seeing "right chere."

It's taking me some time to adjust. The first day if felt as though I was listing to port when I walked.
After a few days, they feel almost like my old glasses except that now I see better.

Had I been clever, I would have asked Jilda to shoot a picture of me in my new specs, but that didn't happen.

I did shoot a picture of the grass in the field of zinnias behind the house. This late in the summer it's mostly grass with a few zinnias. That will have to do tonight.


  1. New glasses make an amazing difference don't they? (after the adjustment period). I never did adjust to multi-focals.

  2. I was prescribed a pair of those multi-focal glasses back in March this year. I'm still trying to wear them, seems like when I move my head slightly to the left or right, my entire vision field wants to lay down.
    Glad that yours are working well for you.

  3. I've been wearing those multi-focal for years now. They do feel funny at first but my eyes got used to it because I can't read without them. When I take them off, everything is a blurr.
    Getting old takes adjustments.
    Enjoy the cooler temperatures. Hugs, Julia

  4. I need to get some new glasses, but have been putting it off. They are so expensive, but I'd like to see better so will do so soon! Good for you, getting yours!

  5. I had progressives, but since cataract replacement lenses I only need glasses for distance and then the vision is pretty good without them. The progressives were great, but they do take some getting used to.

  6. My insurance changed and my eye doc isn't in the plan. I've been on the lookout for a new doc and will have to make an appointment soon as I'm not doing the greatest with the dollar store cheaters! Enjoy your Saturday!

  7. Well, I've successfully put off getting glasses to supplement my contacts for years now. Unfortunately, the drug-store readers don't extend to my left-eye 4.0. Little doubt, I need to just bite the bullet.

  8. Seeing the leaves on trees was an amazing thing when I was 14.

  9. I got new computer glasses and sunglasses last month. The computer glasses are fine. The sunglasses are fine when I'm driving the car. But I have to switch back to the computer glasses before I get out of the car or I fall. Something about my depth perception seems to be messed up when I walk while wearing the sunglasses.



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