Thursday, October 16, 2014

A beautiful autumn day

I had an appointment in Birmingham today. I got there a little early so I checked in the with the receptionist and found a nice seat in the atrium.

It was a beautiful day and the sun filtering through the glass was warm on my arms.

Pulling out my laptop, I looked back over the interview questions to make sure the notes listed everything I wanted to ask.

The receptionist stepped back up to say that the administrator wasn't available. "She thought she'd sent you an email to reschedule," she said apologetically.

I flipped back through my email and there were no messages from her. I had the date and time right.
Smiling at the receptionist, I said "It's a beautiful day, no problem. We'll be in touch."

No one would have faulted me for being upset, but I decided not to give anyone that power today, so I snapped my laptop closed and headed to the truck.

Driving back to the Interstate, I noticed Seeds Coffee House on the left. I turned into the lot and headed inside.

The order I always get when I have coffee house coffee is a mocha. The shop was full of people sitting by the windows in the sun tapping away on their laptops while melodic music wafted from the Bose speakers positioned around the room.

When the coffee arrived, the barista had drawn a delicate flower design with creme and it floated on the surface like an apparition.

It's the little touches that make an experience special.

I had to leave early this morning and I didn't have a chance to walk, so I thought I'd take a walk after arriving home.

The breeze out of the west was cool, but afternoon sun was warm and played with the color of the flowers at the edge of our sad little garden.

I stepped over an snapped a few pictures. Before long, they'll be gone until next spring. I will miss them.


  1. Lovely shot of the flowers!

    Good thoughts: "I decided not to give anyone that power [to make me upset]."

  2. "I decided not to give anyone that power today." Wow, Rick. Too late for my "today", but you can count on my remembering these 9 words going forward.
    I may not be in a position to walk away (professionally speaking), but I shouldn't let another ruin what was otherwise a beautiful day.
    Love the way your words have painted this experience!

  3. Rick that's great I like when I don't give someone the power ... I need to do this more often ;-)

  4. Anonymous11:29 PM


  5. Sounds like you made something special out of what could have been allowed yourself to be the winner, and that's great!

  6. What a great attitude you have! You made the best of a bad situation. If you had allowed this to ruin your day and your good mood, only you would have been negatively affected, not the person who canceled on you, without notice. Good for you!

  7. Good for you for not letting the devil step on your back. A positive response to a negative incident is so much healthier and you handled the situation like a pro. I can understand you disappointment though. It's never fun having to deal with an irresponsible person.

    Have a great day.

  8. What a pleasant entry, ending with a great feeling and beautiful color. That color is something else.
    We really do have to control that inner dude that wants to say, "Then U can kiss......." The older I get the less that inner dude jumps OUT!
    THANKS this was a pleasant visit (to repeat myself)

  9. Dear Rick, I admire your "cool" and your "go with the flow-ness." That's so much better than stressing out and yet often I do the latter when I feel----foiled!!! Peace.

  10. Beautiful flowers !
    Here in New York, the day was so beautiful that I wore my spring Henly and was commented by a friend who said, " I like your top, it reminds me of spring".

  11. Good for you for not getting upset. Franklin and I have been taking some long walks. He's starting to perk up a bit. It's been a week since Harper died.


  12. I don't drink coffee................just saying...................


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