Sunday, October 12, 2014

Bad cloud

Our songwriting group met this evening at our friend Fred's house. The road back from his place takes us across a narrow two-lane road and at one point has a kind of overlook.

From that vantage point, you can see three counties. Off in the distance we could see we could see blinding bolts of lightning that looked like albino trees, slamming down from the clouds.

Just then both of our cellphones chirped with messages. The message was an automated one sent out by our local weatherman warning us of an impending thunderstorm, but this time we were way ahead of our man.

When we arrived home, our collie Caillou almost leaped into my arms which would have been an issue because he weighs more than Jilda.

We made it home moments before the rain started.  I tried several times to capture the lightning on my camera, but that's tricky business. The only bolts I've ever captured were blind luck.

So, I'm posting a little early tonight because we normally lose power when storms slam through.


  1. What a pretty dog--he/she reminds me of Lassie! Hope there will be no storm damage!

  2. Glad you and Jilda made it home safe ;-)

  3. What a beautiful dog! Maybe because I'm not a 'native', your storm cells scare the living daylights out of me. We were at Enterprise the day after that awful tornado hit, and I realized with some chagrin, I'm not made of the stuff it takes to live in Alabama.
    Stay safe tonight!

  4. Most of the time I like rain, but prefer to be inside looking out.. Great shot of Caillou.

  5. There's something both frightening and tantalizing about thunderstorms at the same time! Love the feeling of intrigue as Mother Nature plays out her symphony!

  6. Hope you enjoyed the storm. Sounds like a good one. It's even nice to lose power sometimes, if it's not for too long.

  7. Hope you made it safe and sound through the night and that you didn't lose power!

  8. The price you have to pay for rain.... I hope you didn't lost your power and Caillou has calmed down and the storm is over. I hope the sun is shining now.

  9. Hopefully the storm passed without any problems. I feel bad for dogs who hate thunder...Eddy didn't mind storms but he hated gunshots and fireworks! Have a good day!

  10. Those alerts can be a blessing. the first one shocked me, I did not know they were delivered automatically to Sherry's phone... (smile)

  11. We had a storm here last night as well, lots of lighting and some thunder followed by rain


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