Thursday, October 09, 2014

Photo advice anyone?

I met with the web team from a missionary organization today. They asked how they could improve the content on their site.

They are doing incredible work, but even with mountains of photographs taken each time a team lands in country, only a few of the photographs tell the story. The rest are snapshots.

Snapshots are fine for documenting a moment in time, like a birthday or lunch with a friend, but if you want to move someone to get involved in a cause or donate to a mission, the pictures must be compelling enough to help tell the story.

I've coached some of the teams in the past on how to take better pictures, but improving your pictures takes practice and attention to detail.

Just because the sun is shining doesn't mean the light is good for a picture. In fact, most pictures taken in direct sunlight are harsh and unappealing.

I've taken thousands of pictures in my lifetime and only in the last few years has my eye matured and my skills improved enough that I take a decent picture now and then.

Many of my blog buddies are excellent photographers. Do any of you have advice for my altruistic friends?


  1. Many of your blog buddies may be great photo takers I am not one of them I also cannot spell hence the term photo takers and not that word I can't spell

  2. Their skills must be way way beyond me, so I sit back and enjoy yours.

  3. I'm just a snapshot kind of a blogger. Sorry I can't help. All I know is taking a picture on an overcast day is better than taking a picture on a sunny day. I wonder if a person can use a special filter to take pictures on a sunny day.

  4. I think I know a good picture when I see it, but that is about as far as it goes. I have noticed you do a great job with the camera, as if it likes where and how you point it.


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