Saturday, October 25, 2014

Ebb and flow

One thing I've discovered through the years of blogging is that most writers go through an ebb and flow.

Some days ideas for posts and columns come at me so fast I have to swat them away with a flyswatter, and at other times I can't buy and idea.

These last week, has been low tide for me creatively. That's not to say I haven't been productive in other areas, but the quality ideas have been elusive.

Understanding that it's ebb and flow is helpful, because at the end of the ebb, comes the flow.


  1. I have no problem with ideas, its getting good ideas that's hard and or knowing when an idea is good.

  2. I have another blogging friend, paula, who can make what she says is a non entry a good entry, you have the same talent. Always a good visit. Thanks.

  3. Sometimes old photographs can spark a good story. I like to read about the good old days, especially about your youth. There's always some good humour there.

  4. All part of the process...just like any art, writing needs inspiration to get the pen'll come...always does!

  5. I agree with Julia.. but then again, that's about all the writing that I do. Hopefully you don't really swat your ideas away when they're profuse.. but jot them down instead.

  6. I am a wave. I arrive on the shore. Sometimes I bring some seaweed, and maybe even a shell with me. Other time, I am water alone. That's enough.


  7. Good ideas are like apples at harvest time. They ripen all at once, not one at a time. I have a list of ideas I keep for those times when no new ideas are ripe.

  8. Ideas are like buses there's always another one coming along

  9. It's been that kind of week here too...not much to blog about but so much going on! Go figure! I'll look forward to your flow...I know it will be good!


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