Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Autumn flowers

The deer seem to be feeding on acorns now and depending less upon the corn we feed them. I've read they actually prefer acorns, persimmons, and other things found in the wild. 

Yesterday when I walked I noticed they hadn't been up the previous evening so we decided to cut back on the feedings.

Today when I went down they'd eaten the corn and even pull some of the low-hanging apples from our tree.

I tossed out a half scoop and headed back toward the fence. When I got the the edge of our pitiful garden spot, I noticed the zinnias and other flowers were still going strong so I paused long enough to enjoy them for a moment and snap a picture.

The old brain isn't cooperating tonight so I'll leave you with my autumn flowers.


  1. Lovely shot of the autumn flowers! Your post reminds me of my grandpa; he always leaves corn out for the squirrels.

  2. The deers seem to like variety in their diet like us. I didn't know that they liked acorns.
    They are lucky that you feed them however. I wonder how they would go through winter if you didn't feed them because of the dry summer you've had, their natural food supply must get scarce.

  3. Deer in my childhood farmland loved the cornfields after harvest, where there was plenty left for them.

  4. Absolutely beautiful the spread of color. The green shines out almost as much as the RED!
    I like it.
    From Wauchula, FL

  5. I have taken a few pictures of the last few flowers in my garden. But we had a nice wet summer and the guys go elk hunting next week, I hope I will need to go buy a new freezer:o)
    Also, two buck tags to fill, I prefer Elk meat myself!

  6. The autumn flowers are beautiful. Such a great gift before we say hello to winter. The deer probably feel a bit the same as we do about losing the bounties of spring and summer.

  7. That is a beautiful pic. It's been so warm here our hibiscus, lantana, bouganvillia and periwinkles are still going strong. I will be sad when the flowers are gone, but looking forward to cool weather. We have only ever had one deer come near our yard.


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