Sunday, October 05, 2014

Travel pictures

Jilda and I were in Jackson Hole, Wyoming this time last year. The day we flew in, the skies were big and blue.

I could have filled the storage of my hard drive and still not captured the beauty of that place.

We were there for a long weekend, but Jilda had a raging sinus infection. Her discomfort and my concern for her put a little damper on the visit, but we both agree that it was an incredible place.

But I find that most places I visit are incredible in one way or another.

We don't travel as much as we used to, but I traveled a good bit when I was employed. Being a corporate trainer for a while, gave me the opportunity to take classes in the north east, the west coast and many places in between.

It's fun looking back through the photographs.

I came across a picture tonight of the first time our niece Samantha flew to San Francisco with us. We lunched on Fisherman's Wharf and lunched at an outdoor cafe. I had clam chowder in a sourdough bowl.

Come to think of it, I wish I had some of that clam chowder right now.


  1. What an amazing panorama! You're so fortunate Jilda was able to accompany you on your business trips. Travel memories are some of the best!

  2. This continent hold so much beauty... I have seen a few places and I fall in love with them all for all their own uniqueness :)

  3. Awesome photograph! I love the beautiful panoramic view!

  4. I agree completely. Jackson Hole is marvelous and most places are great to visit and see. I haven't found the boring place yet, in over a million miles of traveling.

  5. Jackson Hole!! What a terrible name for such a marvellous place. Do you know the story behind the name Rick?

    Ms soup

  6. We're so lucky to live in this wonderful country where we have beauty from sea to shining sea. One year Jack and I were fortunate to go on our dream trip to Alaska, then we went to New York city later in the year....we found amazing scenery at both ends of the country! Your photo is great...I'm betting the memories are too!

  7. I am always surprised by the many wonderful sights there are everywhere in the world. You think you have found the perfect view, then you look again and there is an even better one just next door.

  8. Great photo of a place I doubt I will ever visit

  9. So many beautiful places to visit from the comfort of my office chair.

  10. I love Fisherman's Wharf! Great memories from there! Traveling is wonderful!


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