Monday, October 27, 2014

Show dogs

Jilda and I've always had dogs. Most of them were throw-away dogs. Some show up limping, with mange, the worms, and some with ears and tails missing from living hard between owners.

When they show up here, they hit the lottery. They get medicine, vet visits, and three-square meals a day with tasty scraps of chicken, and other treats that somehow tend to fall from our plates.

The dogs live with us until they die. Some go soon after they arrive, and others have stayed as long as 15 years. We've loved all of them.

The Universe bent slightly the last few years because instead of gimpy mutts, the two animals that arrived at our door have been show dogs. One a thoroughbred collie, and the other a thoroughbred Yorkie.

They want the same thing as the mutts -- Attention, petting every now and then, a decent plate of food and a place to get when it's cold or it's August in Alabama and hotter than Satan's in spandex.

But these dogs need a good bit more than mutts. Each time we walk with Caillou, he runs through the woods with wild abandon. When he comes back, he's dragging briars and brambles in his tail.

Today after my nephew Haven helped me move the stove and fridge back into the kitchen, we were standing in the living room sipping a cold glass of water.

When I looked down, Caillou was standing beside and when I looked at him, he had a broken corner of commercial tile covered in glue tangled in his tail.

I had to cut it out with shears. He looked a little embarrassed as if to say, "I have no idea how that happened daddy, I promise."

The Yorkie has a few quirks, but I think that's what my column this coming week will be about so I won't spoil the fun here.

Below is one of my show dogs, bless his heart.


  1. Beautiful dog. Those long hairs do get messy.

  2. Yes a beautiful dog, they do become part of the family very quickly.

  3. There is a special place for folk who take in stays methinks. I really do enjoy my visits here, but this has been one of the best. I love it when a stray hits the lottery, they deserve it. No different than the thoroughbreds.
    Anyway this one is special, of course you know it, and THANKS for having that special touch.

  4. Writing inspiration right there at your feet - and maybe sometimes under your feet...

    Ms Soup

  5. Our animals, dogs and cats, are all rescue. I even tell people that our goldfish is a rescue fish because we he was among the feeder fish they sell at the pet store, expected to last no more than a couple of weeks before becoming another pet's dinner, but we've had him for about ten years. Our latest rescue joy is a yorkie that someone threw out, so I look forward to your upcoming column.

  6. And what a beauty he is. Someone must have freshly dumped their left over tiles out there. Shame on them.

    All my cats and dogs I have had over the years were all rescue. Beautiful animals that nobody wants. They brought me years of delight and some not so delights.
    Have a great day.

  7. A beautiful collie.
    I had a throw away pure bred sable collie once. So inbred he was thirty six inches at the shoulder and had cataracts that eventually made him blind. I spent the first year just combing out the mats. He was a wonderful, calm, peaceful dog. He lived a long time and I never moved the furniture.

  8. Hello Rick, animal lovers have big hearts! You and Jilda are so blessed and happy! Not saying with tough times, but can feel your love of life and each other!
    Blessings, Roxy PS Does watching every episode of Lassie count? I cried through everyone. My older siblings will never let me forget that one!

  9. Aww good for the two of you for taking in lost canine souls. Your Caillou is a beauty!

  10. He's a beauty. I would have given anything to own a dog like him when I was a kid.

  11. What a beautiful dog! Reminds me of Lassie! Collies do take so much work to keep groomed though; our neighbor has one, and he collects burrs like there's no tomorrow.

  12. That collie is so beautiful, Rick. I know their coats require a lot of care. They are worth it.


  13. A beautiful Collie indeed. You guys took such care of the grooming. Wow!

  14. A nice looking dog but all that hair would be a lot of work

  15. I love dogs and have had a few! The dog we had when I was growing up was mixture, but the smartest dog ever! Ihave had show dogs as well, an Irish setter and a black lab. We don't have a dog now because we travel too often, but when we settle down, I hope to get a dog again...they are great companions!


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