Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A simple hunch

I'm wrapping up loose ends on a story that I've been researching for weeks. Most stories are assigned to me and after making a few calls, or visiting a person or two, I knock the story out.

But this was a self assigned story. One that I got wind of last Christmas while playing a gig at the local college.

I transcribed hours of audio interviews yesterday and today and looked back over all the notes and old news clips I'd uncovered.

A few days into the research, it looked as if it might be a dead end, but I decided to call an elderly friend what I've known for several years.

"Yes, I remember that," he said.  He gave me a great deal of background details that I'd missed. 

He told me that he thought he knew someone who might have been a player in the story and volunteered to track them down.

A little further research took me to the local library, and the lady who's worked in the archives for over 25 years became interested in the topic and did some searching on her own. 

She found a story from March of 1943 that lit me up.  

One thing lead to another and as it turns out, I was right. This is a killer story. 

I'll start outlining and drafting the story tomorrow. I'm excited. 

I think the story would make an incredible short documentary film. I'm going to plant a bug in a friend's ear who has contacts with filmmakers at the University of Alabama.

Who knows where a simple hunch will lead.

On a side note, I'm experimenting with a new software that makes tintypes photographs. This one is of our barn that I took this morning.
It does look like an old photograph I think.


  1. I like how your pictures turn out after you work with them... :)

    As far as those hunches, you have to go for them, I hope it all pans out, it sounds very interesting :)

  2. It sounds like an exciting project. Good luck with it. And that's a fun photo treatment.

  3. Awesome you're all inspired and have all the background information!

  4. What a co-incidence or an act or providence! Look forward to hearing more.

  5. Cool. I look forward to more news about this project.


  6. Very cool, Rick! Good luck with your story ~ I can't wait to hear what happens.

  7. Good luck sounds exciting.

  8. Good luck sounds exciting.

  9. Definitely adds age to the barn. BUT I am hanging round Life 101 for more of the story, sounds interesting.... Okay you have set the hook!!!!(smile)

  10. It will be exciting to see how your story develops.

  11. most big stories begin with a simple hunch.

  12. So exciting Rick! I hope it turns out the way you plan. The photo is cool...even a bit spooky looking!, Had to throw in a Halloween bit!

  13. Good luck with the story and possibly a documentary film. That would be awesome....or even maybe a book...

    Nice photo.

  14. Hey, sounds wonderful, we all have a story! Roxy

  15. Anonymous8:35 PM

    I can't add anything but my own wishes for good luck!!

  16. This reminds me how stories first germinated, began before we had Google at our fingertips. I graduated LAHS in '68, hell-bent on becoming a journalism major.
    Obviously, that fell by the wayside for me ... but (thank goodness!) not yours! Count me among those who can't wait to for your story's debut!

  17. Really, I'm not an idiot ... rather a numbskull for not proofing my first sentence carefully. Sorry!

  18. I love when a hunch plays itself out, and a story develops from that hunch...good luck with that!


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