Saturday, October 04, 2014

A great day for a small town festival

Today was a busy day. I do a website for the local Chamber of Commerce which held a 5k Run
beginning at 8 a.m. I also do the website for The Frog Festival and it started at 9 a.m.

The day was the coolest so far this fall, 42 degrees last night.  But as the sun inched over the horizon, it warmed nicely.

There was a stiff breeze out of the north that reddened my face like a slap. Tonight, Jilda is having to doctor my with her magic cream.

After editing and posting a few hundred pictures. I'm ready to kick back, and rest my aching knees :)

I hope you've had as much fun today as Jilda and me.


  1. We did! We hit a festival and ran into rain, and snow....not kidding! But it will warm up into the 60's next week. We still had fun and yes, my knees were aching too. Have a wonderful rest of this weekend and enjoy that cooler weather!

  2. That sounds like a busy day. Mine was busy too but I was working my butts off.
    Enjoy your cooler temperatures. I'm enjoying a bit of rain today.

  3. It sounds like a fine day, indeed. And clearly those wee faces are happy ones. So is the big one, come to think of it. ;)

  4. It is nice to know someone who has a lot of irons in the fire, and knows how to use them..(smile)....

  5. I am glad that you guys had a fun day. I hope that you guys get to have some rest.
    Love that Frog!

  6. Festivals are a good time for both children and adults! Glad you enjoyed your day!


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