Sunday, October 26, 2014

Whupped but happy

A few years ago the line to the icemaker on our fridge developed a small leak. So small in fact, that I didn't realize it for several weeks.

At first only a tiny bit of water seemed to seep from between the tiles. I thought we'd dropped an ice cube, or that one of the dogs had a slight accident, but that seemed unlikely as we have a doggy door and they come and go as they please.

After a while, I realized something was wrong, so I checked the drain pan on the fridge, I check under the house to see if one of the pipes could somehow be squirting water up.

I even when into my bathroom and dug under the sink in search of a leak, but nada.

Then my reminder sounded telling me it was time to replace the filter on the ice maker. When I pulled the monster out from the wall and peered behind with a flashlight, I saw the pipe spraying a tiny thread of water onto the floor.


Back then, we didn't have a cutoff valve behind the fridge, so I had to crawl under the house and find the valve on the line serving ice maker.

I made those repairs and the seeping stopped, but  a few months later I began to notice the tile sagging a little. The louan subflooring, soak for months, began to collapse.  Our issues with cracking tiles and an ugly kitchen floor started there.

Fast-forward until this morning. Our old carpenter buddy Ray showed up at 8 with his toolbox and we moved the stove and fridge to the living room. We then ripped out the old tile, the old louan, before beginning the slow process of repairs.

Tonight my knees are screaming, my back feels like it has a 10-inch icepick in my right kidney, and I'm finding glue in unexpected places (don't ask.) But the kitchen floor looks amazing.

Digging through our pantry, I found a nice bottle of merlot. I can promise you, I will sleep well tonight.


  1. Anonymous7:29 PM

    Merlot--the mighty miracle medication!!

  2. Yikes!
    We had a similar issue with our ice-maker-thingie last month. Replaced the filter, check. Checked the water line, all to no avail.
    Not two years later, the whole contraption had to be replaced. Thank goodness for the extended warranty I don't remember signing!
    Then yesterday I opened our water bill ... nearly $40 more than expected.

    I'm going to take a page from your blog and pour a nice glass of Cabernet.

  3. I tried to install one of those years ago. OMG I made multiple trips to the plumber supply for replacement parts that I tightened up too much. Never did get it right and just gave up. I now call a plumber any time I have to do more than turn a faucet on. Good thing I gave up or i would have lost a floor too. Big job, you deserve a drink or three.

  4. Most folk can sympathize with the hidden damage AND THEN THE PAIN (smile) Glad you got it done and it looks good. YOU will mend (in time) the Merlot will definitely help, and it is good for you besides...
    The best and hope the pain is gone or eased tomorrow. That is a tough one, rotted floors.
    Sleep well.

  5. I meant to say, I love the fire, one of our favorite things...

  6. Like i always say, you don't buy a house, the house buys you.

  7. It is amazing the damage a small leak like that can do, and how long it can go undetected, been there done that.

    Glad you have the repairs made and can kick back for a while.

  8. Wow, it is amazing how a small undetected leak could cause such damage... I am so glad you have it all done, I bet it looks great :)

  9. The worst leaks are those hidden one. I have a leak in the basement and we need a landscaping job done to stop the leak and too many jobs are screaming at us and so little time.
    My basement was dry for a few days. It's never going to be refinished again and I'm too old to care. As long as it's clean, I'm fine with that.

    A good merlot is the answer.
    Have a good sleep.

  10. Ok I have read this over and over and still can't think of a comment mostly because my daughters are here and cracking me up

  11. Oh! This reminds me of when I pulled out my refrigerator because I heard water running (no, I didn't need to catch my refrigerator) and discovered it was on top of a hole in the water line. Moving the refrigerator allowed the line to spray the room like a shower. Hot Young Anthony fixed it. Pardon me. I think it's time to poke another hole in that water line.


  12. I always joke that there's no such thing as a small project! Somehow they always take more time and more money than we imagine! Glad it's all done and looking fabulous! Enjoy your evening!

  13. Hard work gets harder as we get older, but in the long run, it keeps us healthy...I think! That's if it doesn't kill us first. Glad you got your problem fixed.

  14. Cheers and happy dreams!
    The job is done and you can relax.


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