Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Change of plans

I'd blocked off this afternoon to finish my column. I had meetings this morning but everything had fallen into place.

Helped Jilda get off to work, CHECK
Hot Ginger tea brewed, CHECK
Pandora on solo piano station, CHECK
Idea for column, CHECK

My fingers had just begun the dance with letters and the backspace key
Ah yes, that will work,  BACKSPACE,  BACKSPACE,  BACKSPACE,
Ah yes......then the phone rang.
!@$#%FF%^&(JHHREXC&^%RFGHJ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !@$#%FF%^&(JHHREXC&^%RFGHJ
I shouldn't translate.

It was my sister-in-law who is our great nephew Jordans' grandmother called to say the power was off at the school and my nephew Jordan was marooned. She works as a bookkeeper there and was in a bind.

Change of plans. I saved the document, put on some shoes, grabbed my keys and headed to school.

Jordan was waiting when I arrived. A few seconds later and we were off. I needed gas in the truck, and a lady who's helping me do research for a story called from the library to say she had more information for me.

The course of action was apparent. We needed fuel, and we needed to go to the library.

"You buckled in Bubba?"

"I'm in."

"You want to go to the library?"


And just that quickly we were off to Jasper.

Jordan had never been to the Walker County Library and his eyes got big when he stepped in.
We found Mrs. Blanton who'd graciously been searching for information and got the pages she'd found for me.

Before we headed out, Ms Blanton said, "There's a great section just there that I think you'd enjoy."

Jordan went out and began to peruse books. He found some and we headed toward the checkout.

"Show them your library card," I instructed. "I don't have one," he said. "YOU DON'T HAVE A LIBRARY CARD!!!!!!!" I said in mock incredulity.

He laughed and said "NO."

I told the clerk, that we'd need to apply for a card.

A few moments later he was filling out the card and standing in front of a camera to have his picture made.

I could tell he felt important having a library card. When the clerk gave him his return receipt, I told him to put that date in his iPad so that he'd make sure he returned the books on time.

The ride home, I listened to a six-year-old read about whale sharks. The book was obviously written
for someone reading at a more advanced level than Jordan, but he sounded out every word.

When I stopped for gas, his loose tooth came out.

All in all, it was an exciting afternoon.

I'll write my column tomorrow.


  1. Hahahaha! Best laid plans and all that stuff. I did enjoy your day. although my mind did go back to an entry how it was nice when a PLAN CAME TOGETHER!

    So you are flexible and plans can work out no mater what.... I did enjoy it.

  2. Anonymous11:53 PM

    I no longer get any enjoyment out of my teeth coming out at gas stations!!

  3. Life is what happens when you are busy making plans... I love that quote, very appropriate... <3

  4. What a magical day for Jordan. Going to the library for me as a kid was like going to heaven. I bet he could have spent a whole day there! You are such a great influence him. He's so fortunate to have you and Jilda. You're a good man Charlie Brown! Lol

  5. Awww...You're a knight in shining....well, not armor....how about shining truck! Sometimes those change of plan days are the best! I'm betting Jordan thought so!

  6. That's lovely column fodder to me. Jordan is just adorable. His and your great day brightened mine.

  7. lol was the tooth fairy around?
    Great day to get a library card lol

  8. I guess you couldn't have planned your day any better than this. Some power that be had a better plan. Congratulation Jordan on pulling that tooth all by yourself in the car. That's pretty awesome.

  9. A day (or many days) cannot get much better than that. The tooth was the crowning glory.

  10. Wouldn't it be great if all it took to excite us was a new library card? The innocence of children.
    And whale sharks are so cool.

  11. Plans must always be changed for Jordan. How great that you helped him get his first library card. I remember getting mine.


  12. You know I went to the library today, it is such a great place and I love to wonder around looking at books and such

  13. Sometimes you just gotta stop and do what you gotta do. What a great day for both of you. He is a beautiful boy!

  14. Sometimes the moments we share with others, especially those we love, are the most important moments of our lives.


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