Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Night sky

I stepped onto the back deck tonight to dump coffee grounds into the compost bucket. The moon was scythe shaped sliver shedding no light on the night sky.

I stood for a moment looking into the sky as I always do when there are no clouds obscuring the heavens.

Just then a shooting star zipped across the sky so quickly that had I blinked, I would have missed it. I'm so glad I didn't blink.

In summer it seems the atmosphere is almost milky with haze making the stars faint, and the possibility of seeing meteors remote. But autumn brings a clean slate to the sky.

This weekend, I'll build a fire in the fire pit, pull the new teakwood lawn chairs out in the middle of the yard and see what the sky has to offer. I can't think of a better way to spend a few hours.


  1. Nice way to spend an evening.

  2. Anonymous10:08 PM

    Beautiful shot, Rick!!

  3. Beautiful night sky. I love shooting stars they are like many incidences in out lives, IMMEDIATE but remembered fondly.

  4. That sounds great.


  5. Shakespeare once described the moon as "hanging like a pearl in an Ethiop's ear." I can't remember which play, but your post reminded me of this.

  6. You may want to check Earth Sky on google to see the best dates to see meteor showers. I just missed some by a few days. I would have been too tired to stay up anyway.
    I love seeing falling star.
    Several years ago my husband and I were driving at night and saw a ball of fire shooting from the sky and it came down slowly enough to get a good look at it but it still was pretty fast. A great pass time this sky watching.
    Good luck seeing falling stars.

  7. och! Sounds so decadent.
    What a treat!
    Wish we could this here where I live.
    At my country house we used to do this almost every night with a bonfire.
    The air was sweet and cool and we'd lie in our knap sacks staring up into the sky.
    Today when I look up I see a round circle of lights like a space saucer.
    It just sits there every night and I keep wondering if it is a satellite.
    Enjoy Rick.

  8. You have that right, just kicking back and taking in the beauty of the sky is one of the most relaxing feelings you can get.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend a few hours! Enjoy!

  11. We love doing that too! Hope you made a wish on that star....and if you did I hope it comes true!


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