Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The show begins

Things move slower here in the south. It takes trends, and fads are slow to take root. In fact, we don't get Wednesday's TV programs here until late Friday afternoon.

Autumn also drags its leaves here in Alabama. I've seen stunning photographs of autumn foliage from the northeast and midwest, but it's been green as mint here, until this week.

The oak and hickory have begun the transition and when the light of the setting sun hits them in later afternoon, the color is beautiful.

We drove to Birmingham this afternoon and on the way home we drove the backroads which turned out to be a good idea.

Within a few week it will look like fall here.

I love it when the show begins.


  1. Your show is just starting and ours is on the final act. It is a beautiful time of year. Hope you have a great rest of the week. Diana

  2. Beautiful picture! I love the show too. Ours is just starting in my part of NC.

  3. I like fall as well.

    If you'd like I could email you results of tonight's game so you can win a few bets when it airs on Friday.

  4. I like 'joeh' comments, 'shades of the sting', smile.
    At the mention of Birmingham my mind goes back to childhood when daddy took me to see a BIG statue there or near there.
    You always catch some pretty color, it seems. Enjoy the show!

  5. Dear Rick, what a gorgeous photograph. I, too, enjoy fall. Autumn is my favorite season and it has been glorious here for the past six weeks. Peace.

  6. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Unfortunately, we don't get "real" seasons here in Southern California!!

  7. The fall colors are always beautiful...too bad the dark shades of winter have to follow, but that's life!

  8. We usually have "autumn" during January.


  9. The colors are gone and early winter has settled in here in Oregon.

  10. I'm late catching up commenting today.
    Your fall is beginning and our is on it's last leg. There are still colors but most trees are loosing their leaves at a rapid stage. We're still getting lots of rain these days.

    Beautiful leaves.

  11. "we don't get Wednesday's TV programs here until late Friday afternoon" LOL. Rick, you witty man you.

    I love it when the show begins as well, sir.

  12. From what I remember back home in the South, when the show does begin it is amazing.


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