Friday, October 17, 2014

Autumn apples

Our apples are slow to ripen. We have neighbors with June apples and by mid summer, they're gone. They taste pretty good, but they aren't autumn apples.

Our apples take their time. They just hang around on the tree all summer getting fat and sweet. My nephew came up with his wife a few days ago and picked some of the low-hanging fruit.

I picked some as well. Tomorrow, I'll take the ladder down there and get the big sweet ones that are always just out of reach for those standing on the ground.

The tree bows under the weight of the harvest. We'll start canning, freezing, cooking, and drying apples and still have bushels to give to our family and friends.

Today was homecoming for the local high school and I do the website. So I shot parade photos today from noon until two and tonight I shot pictures at the ballgame.

As I got in the truck to head home, my knees squeaked. When I walked through the door at home, the aroma of apple in the oven lifted my spirits.

I'm not sure there is a better end to the day than a slice of hot apple pie.


  1. oh Yeah! Something there is about an apple. I like'em from the time they make a small green orb until they are ripe. My choice since childhood is, just eat the apple. I have one most days, and I am getting ready for the fall apples to make it to the florida markets...
    Good read....

  2. High school homecoming, what special times! I saw a recipe with apples that I'd like to try, made on a cooking show just this week.

  3. You're tempting my taste bud with that hot slice of apple pie. I can almost taste it.
    You've been busy...


  4. Anonymous11:53 AM


  5. Apple recipes always smell so good when we are baking it! Just the smell alone can bring back memories from the apple picking when the children were young and more. One of the best things about fall!

  6. Whipped cream on the apple pie. Cole whipped cream + Hot apple pie = Heaven


    1. That was supposed to be COLD whipped cream. Once again, I have embarrassed myself.

  7. Few things in life deliver the pleasure of a hot slice of apple pie.

  8. I like apples, I like autumn so I guess I would like autumn apples.............

  9. I don't know for sure, but I have been told that a slice of fresh apple pie w/sharp cheddar on the side, and a fresh cup of coffee have been known to do miraculous things. All sorts of miracles.


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