Saturday, October 18, 2014

Lazy Saturday

Today was low-key. My wife Jilda had a little bump in the road with a reaction to the treatments she takes monthly, so after a few early-morning errands, we settled in.

After lunch, two of our great nephews came over to bake spooky-spice cookies. It's a tradition Jilda does each year. She whips up the cookie dough, and the kids help her cut out the cookies and then decorate theirs with as much sugar sprinkles as they please.

Some of the cookies come out of the oven as thick as a deck of cards with enough sugar on them to make your heart race.  I snapped a picture, but I sent it to her for her blog tonight.

I then watch my team put a thorough tail-whipping on Texas A&M. The game lasted until after five.

Once outside,  I realized I'd forgotten to put corn out for the deer ,so grabbing a scoop from the shed and headed down to the field to put it under the apple tree.

The sun had already slipped below the horizon, but the waning light still painted the passing clouds the color of peach sherbet.

It seemed the perfect end to a lazy Saturday.


  1. Cooookies...that sounds so good. and, like you said, the perfect

  2. Hi Rick, please pray for my grandson he is lost in the Colorado mountains! Thank you

    1. Anonymous10:31 PM

      I will pray for him!!

    2. I will pray for your grandson that he will be found safely. this must be a terrifying experience for all of you especially your grandson.

    3. I just checked Roxie's blog and her grandson has been found and he is OK.
      It was a very scary time for her family and I know she is grateful for your thoughts and prayers.

  3. Sounds like a great day...great picture, too!

  4. Hope Jilda feels better. Poor thing.

  5. You gotta love a low pressure day sometime. Hope your Jilda bounces back strong.

  6. Thick cookies sounds good, the more sugar stuff the better... not... the prettier the cookie the better... I think even men love lots of sugar on their cookies...

    I hope Jilda will bounce back quickly.


  7. Cookies and feeding deer? That does sound like the end to a great day. Take care.

  8. Lazy Saturdays are the best! Jilda is a trouper...seriously, feeling not so great but still having a tradition with the sweet. Hope you all are feeling good and have a nice week with more beautiful pics to share!


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