Saturday, October 25, 2014

Original places

We played at Local Color Cafe tonight. It's one of our favorite venues. Performing on weekends in the south during footballs season is sketchy business.

Most places don't have live music until later on Saturday nights, because it's hard to get a crowd to come out.

Rick and Jilda at
Johnson City Folk Festival
last year
Even Friday nights are not usually that good because of high school football.

But Local Color had a decent crowd tonight. We shared the stage with our good friend Skip Cochran.

One of the benefits of playing Local Color is the food, and they always feed the musicians well. We had Brunswick stew tonight and homemade cornbread. Gary, one of the owners, does the cooking and he is awesome.

During the last set, it's hard to perform because Gary bakes a pan of biscuits for the musicians after the show.

Once the crowd filters out, and the equipment is stowed, he brings the hot-buttered biscuits out still steaming. With the biscuits, he brings honey, jelly, and cane syrup along with a steaming pot of coffee.

I never thought about eating biscuits at night until we began playing there several years ago.

Gary and Merle are great people who love music (Merle is a fantastic singer.)

Places that support original music have a special place in my heart. Local Color is one of those places.


  1. I envy you guys who can play sing and entertain. One of the many things I have missed in life, but I am thrilled at folks who did not. Our Grandsons (the twins) are exceptionally talented. they do this we get to hear them on occasion. What fun you musicians have.

  2. So you sing for your supper? I love to play the guitar, but I have to wait until no one is home. It seems I am the only one who enjoys it. I wish I had your talent.

  3. Too many people let others do the singing for them and I think it's great when people engage in singing, not that anyone would want to hear ME sing.

  4. It's great to be fed when you play in such a friendly place. I bet the biscuits were very good. I love to sing but I don't get much chance with all I have to do. I don't think I would like all the travelling and loading of equipment though but then I don't play an instrument.
    You're lucky to have that place locally.
    Have a brilliant weekend.

  5. I will play for food. What shall I play?


  6. I like to sing but I sound like someone is trying to murder me..............and I will end up hurting your ears

  7. Those biscuits sound divine. And I love places that support real musicians. Have a good one!

  8. There is no place like the South for good cooking, you made my mouth water with the thought of the biscuits, honey, butter...was there any apple butter involved man I miss the South.

    Like Joe said singing for your supper and in this case sounds like it was worth it.

  9. Sounds like a lot of fun and great food!


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