Wednesday, January 29, 2020

A promised to Mother Nature

My intentions were good. Last fall, instead of burning our cardboard boxes, I flattened them, stored them in the toolshed, and then when I took the plastic for recycling, I loaded the cardboard.

Then came Christmas which is a time of cardboard. Like a good citizen, I stored the mountains of boxes in the shed with every intention of recycling it. 

Today, when I walked inside the shed to pick up a tool, I tripped over a cracker box and almost fell. An avalanche of cardboard spilled out the door. 

I guess I could have picked it up and restacked it, but that didn't happen. Dragging stacks of boxes to the burn pile, I fired that baby up.

I really wish our community had access to recycling, but it's a rural county that has higher priorities.

With a rake, I kept the fire contained and it got increasingly smaller. Once there was nothing left but embers, I took the hosepipe and sprayed the area.

When I went back to the shed to put the rake back inside, I had to smile at all the room in there now.

I promised Mother Nature I'd do a better job in the future.


  1. I have a ton of stuff I would/should drag out and put into a burn pile! I just love the feeling of seeing a previous full space become useful again!

  2. Disappointing.

  3. I am grateful we DO have recycling. However since China and a number of other countries have refused to accept our rubbish I wonder (and worry) just how much actual recycling happens.

  4. That fire area has some beautiful color. There are people above my pay-grade who can and should come up with ideal ways of 'simple' recycle. In many towns now, both waste and recycle efforts go to the same 'dump'. My simple mind goes to incinerators that produce electricity or formed plastic into building materials.
    Of course there was a time our week's waste did not match our one day refuse. I have come to despise 'land fills'.
    I cringe when I realize how much of a 'throw away' society we have become... :-(

  5. We are not allowed to burn here, but everything goes into the trash to be recycled somewhere down the line.

  6. I know we are supposed to not burn. But that is what we all did when I was a child. It was fun to watch the fire in the burn barrel as it ate our papers.

  7. Can't burn stuff here, we have total fire ban


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