Thursday, January 30, 2020

Shroom day

I took another picture of mushrooms on a log. The thing that fascinates me about this one in particular.

A Google search suggested that they might be wild oyster mushrooms and that they are edible. I wouldn't eat one on a dare.

But they constantly change color, sizes, and shapes depending upon the weather (I guess.) This much I know for sure. They are beautiful.

I had an opportunity to work with a master beekeeper this afternoon and I learned how to build beehive components in my barn. 

I already had most of the tools I needed. When I left his place today, I bought the last tool I needed to do the work. I am so excited.

More on this later.


  1. Beautiful mushrooms, I wouldn't be eating them!
    Another step along the bee keeping path. Well done.

  2. Love those mushrooms. Growing up we often ate shrooms we found. My much more cowardly/cautious adult self wouldn't.
    Looking forward to more bee information.

  3. I am afraid of mushrooms I would find for myself. Those would certainly be pretty in a salad.

  4. I wouldn't eat them either but they are pretty to look at. I even people who can tell which ones are good or not. Sounds like a productive day. One can always use one more tool,

  5. Yep the mushrooms are pretty and interesting, and I am with you 100%, not on a dare or bet, and I love mushrooms. I do admire those who KNOW the good, bad and ugly!
    We can feel the excitement about the bees & equipment. Good! (Sherry had already read this to me from across the table... LOL)
    Sherry & jack

  6. I've always thought that mushrooms look freaky.


  7. That picture is cool but I don’t think I would eat them. Amazing how many are poisonous


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