Saturday, January 25, 2020

Faulty fridge

This morning when we walked if felt like snow. The air was moist and it was sarcophagus quiet. Both of us understood that the forecast called for sunshine, but Sol didn't get the memo.

We only made a couple laps because we had to go fridge shopping. We bought our current fridge about five years ago. It had to be replaced within a month and the replacement has had several problems.

When the ice maker quit last week, I watched YouTube videos trying to troubleshoot the issue but nothing I tried helped.

With bee season approaching, I need to buy a used fridge for the old house where I'll be processing honey this summer. We decided to move the current fridge down there and buy a new one.

After our walk, we loaded up and went to town, Jilda had searched Consumer Reports for a recommendation. We found it and it will be delivered on Friday.

I didn't have a picture, but when I searched back through photos, I found this one from January 2011. It was a snow day


  1. Our fridge is 19yrs old and I would like a new one but it still runs well. We may break down and get a newer one before I retire! That photo is beautiful. Like always, your photos would win at our county fair. I hope a few flakes fall your way because I know Jilda loves a little snowfall!

  2. Stunning photograph.
    Our fridge broke down shortly before Christmas one year. Our Christmas is HOT and the fridge well used.
    I am glad you didn't wait for a catastrophic failure.

  3. A refrigerator seems to run forever, but the new ones have nice features. Getting a new one and having a back-up is the only way to get those new features. Growing up we had a fridge in the garage just for beer and soda, it only had a small section for two ice trays. Around 1968 pops donated it to a airport glider club he went to. It was a GE and had a small metal plate on the door reading "Christmas 1942" damn thing is probably still running.

  4. Our fridge ran about 15-20 yrs. It abruptly died the week we had visitors. New fridge now. These things happen.

  5. This is so strange. Our refer in the motor home is just over a year old and the ice maker is giving trouble. After a few flips of the sensor lever switch it started again, but it makes you apprehensive.

    Hope the new one works great (forever, or at least 20 years!).
    Sherry & jack

  6. I once had a refrigerator that began to do a slow cook on the food it held. Apparently we had not let it settle long enough after moving it before plugging it in. Appliances are so handy and sometimes necessary but they can be annoying at the same time.

  7. I was only just getting a drink with crushed ice and thinking how much I like having a fridge with an ice maker included with the freezer. This fridge is only a couple of years old

  8. Our next fridge will still be used but I would love the freezer at the bottom. I think the more computer stuff in the fridge the more times it will break. I am not sure I will have an ice maker


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