Saturday, January 04, 2020

Beautiful sky

Stepping out this morning to dump coffee grounds into the compost bucket rain was still dripping from low-lying clouds.

Still half asleep, I fretted that today would dreary. But while Jilda and I sipped steaming coffee and read the morning news, I noticed a shaft of light on the birdbath outside our great room window. When I saw a fat cardinal perched on the feeder preening, I smiled.

The wind out of the north kicked up and flapped the flag on our arbor. When I stepped outside to dump another scoop of seed in the birdfeeder, I headed back inside for my vest.

My phone chirped. Our friend Fred needed a hand sometime today on a project. After we walked the dogs, I went over and helped him move and secure an antenna. I held the antenna while he secured the guy wires. The one thing I noticed was the sky. It was remarkable all day.

This evening, we met friends at a restaurant not far from the newspaper office where I work a few days a week. We laughed until our cheeks were sore.'

I should have taken a picture today, but I didn't. So, I went back to a photo I took nine years ago. As you might guess, it's a picture of the sky.


  1. It sounds like a good day.
    Treasure them.

  2. Glad you had a good day with friends and laughter..a nice way to start this new year! The photo is pretty cool...I would pretend that's a shooting star and make a wish!

  3. Beautiful picture no matter how old it is! Nothing like a lot of laughter with a good friend---makes it 'all is right' in the world. Hugs- Diana

  4. Sounds like you had a wonderful day with friends. Laughter is the best!
    I can never get tired of sky photos. Great shot.

  5. Great shot, love it...
    Been a long time since I heard of antennae that needed guy wires. LOL Hope all went well.
    The best to you guys we were inside due to rain most of the day....

  6. Anonymous11:32 AM

    A beautiful day and love that someone needed help with an antenna! This brings back memories. This pic you took is amazing with the meteor going across the sky.


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