Thursday, January 16, 2020

Work day

Today was a workday for both Jilda and me. I did many things, but few were interesting enough to interest you. That happens sometimes.

It was warm enough earlier in the day to feed the bees. After lunch, I headed out to take a picture of the mayor standing on a bridge that was built by the Civilian Conservation Corps. It's way past its expiration date so the mayor applied for funds to have it replaced. He got the grant and he was happy.

On the way down to shoot the picture, I rolled down the windows of my truck. The sky was winter blue. If that's not an "official color," it should be.

I took several pictures for the paper today, but none for me. I realized that tonight when I sat down to write.

Looking back, I found a picture that I took seven years ago today.


  1. Oh my gosh, look at that sweet face! You can't look at Jordan in that pic and not smile! Is he standing on hay bales that sprouted?

  2. Such a sweet and happy boy then - and now too.

  3. Goodness how he has grown. And his place in your hearts is as secure as it ever was.

  4. That is a neat thing growing out of those bales!!! Nice shot! BUT he sure has GROWN!

  5. Although I don't have work days anymore since I retired I still like to think there is still work to be done. Some days there is more than others. How nice to look back in your photos and find such a delightful picture. 7 years does make a big difference.

  6. Who is that little guy?

  7. Look at Jordan! How time flies.

  8. That color definitely has a blue winter.


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