Thursday, January 02, 2020

It's raining

There are places on the planet that are starving for rain. Some of my friends and blog buddies in parts of Australia have devastating wildfires. I wish we could share a little of our rain with them.

I walked the dogs alone this morning. Suiting up in my sweats, a full-length raincoat, hat, and rain boots, I coaxed the dogs out. They weren't thrilled as they usually are, but there was business to take care of - there was no avoiding that. 

It was a short walk. I let the dogs in on the side porch that's doubling as a green room. The plants were thankful for the rain that the dogs shook off their shining coats.

Once inside, I sat down at my office desk. At times, the rain roared on the metal roof, and other times, it was more of a thick mist. 

Jilda left for work after lunch. I knocked out a couple stories and the first draft of my column for Sunday.

I received a check in the mail today for some contract work I did for a local city. After a warm shower, I darted out to my truck and headed to the bank. 

On the way home, I swung by the Forks of the river to see how the water was flowing. It is evident before I clicked the gearshift into park that the water was up.

I stood there for a moment and watched as mocha-colored water flowed downstream. I snapped the picture below and sent it to the paper. I'm not sure if the editor will use it, but I wanted to document this moment in time.

If the rain falls this hard tomorrow, I'm putting life vests on the chickens.

Y'all stay dry and warm.


  1. Wow.
    And yes, I really, really wish you could share some of that life giving elixir. The next few days here look ugly.

  2. When it rains, it pours sometimes. The river is definitely up. Take care !

  3. When I ws a kid, I loved walking in the rain, now not so much. LOL I hear rain when it is very hard on the Motorhome roof, but that doesn't compare to the memories of rain on the tin roof.
    I enjoyed ther Read on the memorial plaque 'Black Warrior Town.' Interesting, never been there.

  4. I seem to remember days earlier in the year when you were wishing for some rain. Wouldn't it be nice if things were a little more evenly distributed?

  5. Hot and dry here, but around my home there are no fires but this country really needs rain lots of rain


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