Sunday, January 05, 2020

Sunlight on a rusty relic

We spent time today moving all the Christmas decorations to the barn. We took the tree down last weekend but plastic boxes as big as steamer trunks were stacked in the corner. I would have done it several days ago but I didn't want to get soaked.

So today was the day. This evening, my bones are weary. Jilda drew me a hot bath with all her magic Juju Elixer. I let the hot water loosen up the stiff joints. When I stepped out, I felt taller.

The afternoon sun made the weather perfect for walking. Calling our niece Samantha and Jordan, I asked if they were up for a walk. They were.

It was a delightful stroll. 

When I rounded the barn, I saw sunlight on the old tractor discs. The light falling on the rusty relic was beautiful.

I hope you found time to do something enjoyable today.


  1. I am glad you finished the day taller and with an revitalising walk in pleasant company.
    Many thanks to you and to Jilda for your donation towards our bushfire disaster.

  2. January 6 is the traditional day around here to take down the decorations, you are only one day early.

  3. I was never a farmer, but love old farm implements. The disc has always interested me. I was grown, nearly old before I realized what it (they) were used for.
    And here too, that raid kept us pretty much inside the motor home.

  4. Anonymous11:27 AM

    I just love your shots which are always artistic. i keep all our Christmas decorations usually until the 6th of Jan which is little Christmas or 3 kings or Epiphany whichever one you wish to choose:). It's always a big job to these decorations down.

  5. That bath sounds nice. Oh how I would love to have a big deep tub to soak in. Maybe one day.

  6. My decorations were down on Saturday. I so love putting them up but taking it all down is tough! I took time out for walks with Arnie in the cemetery since we've had a couple of nice warmish (40s) days and some sun too. Nothing better than a good walk!


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