Thursday, January 09, 2020

Bee stuff

The bees have been giddy today. I had pounds of honeycomb left when I harvested the honey this past summer.

Last week, I watched a video on how to render it down to where it could be used to make candles, lipgloss and other useful things.

The first thing the woman in the video says was that the best way to get honeycomb ready to process is to let the bees clean it.

When the days warmed a little, I put cookie trays of honeycomb on the back deck. In the last few days, the girls swarmed to the cookie sheet.

By this evening, most of the comb was the color of ivory.

We have a beekeeping conference the first part of February and I'll be starting down the path to become a master beekeeper. It will take a few years to complete all the steps necessary, but I'm excited.


  1. Absolutely WONDERFUL. We need bees. The world over.

  2. WOW dude, that is a great close-up shot of bees. You have done some great Bee-keeping entries, I think we all have enjoyed your new working hobby. I am liking the information. We have had bee keepers in the family and all I have ever done was enjoy the honey!
    Sherry & jack

  3. There are many wonderful things that can be made from bees wax There is a candle factory here the uses bees wax. Bees are so important to us. I'm glad you are learning how to keep bees.

  4. So interesting! I love reading about your bees. I think you will be a Master bee keeper before you know it.

  5. You are so talented, pursuing another passion.

  6. It is a marvelous picture of the bees hard at work. Bee balm has become a very popular product.

  7. First I think it is bloody great you have bees, next I found this really interesting

  8. I am just soooo happy you are helping out the bees and enjoying some great honey in the process


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