Tuesday, January 07, 2020

Listen to the sea

Jilda and I spent New Year's Eve 1999
at the beach with friends.
A storm before midnight sent
torrents of vertical rain that lashed the windows.
Palmetto and palms gyrated in the wind 
and scratched the side of the house 
as if they wanted inside.
The power winked out.
We toasted the New Year by candlelight.

The next day, the tide was angry.
On our morning stroll, 
we picked up bushels of shells.
It was a remarkable time.

There's one of those conch shells on my nightstand
when I miss the sea,
I can pick up that shell and listen.


  1. What a nice memory and what a fabulous photo! I love the ocean and taking a walk on the beach sounds lovely..you two need to go again!

  2. Stunning photo - and memory.

  3. I always look for shells on the beach. Pretty poor pickings on the jersey shore.

    1. I have a tiny shell I found at Asbury Park in 1971. It’s mixed in with all the small shells I’ve found during my travels.
      I think my next column in the paper might be about shells.

  4. I have a seashell my brother brought back to my mama from the South Pacific, WWII it was a treasure to her and now to me. I gotta find it and show it to my sons, I never have.
    Thanks, and yes, a lovely picture as usual for you!

  5. I have one of those shells and listen often. The beach is calling my name.

  6. A lovely memory and an awesome shot

  7. ich liebe das Meer



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