Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Kodak gets tutored

When we booked the rooms at Mentone, we had three dogs. All of them are seniors and set in their ways. When we go off for the weekend, they all lay by the windows and watch for our car to return.
When we did return, they greeted us and the house looked like it did before we left.

That all changed when we got Kodak, the hurricane dog. He's less than a year old he's like the Energizer Bunny that through some kind of malfunction, got overcharged. I could walk to the mailbox and he would rearrange the furniture the 90 seconds I was gone.
There was no way we were going out of town and leaving Mr. Pandamonium in the house.

The local vet does boarding and both Jilda and I decided that was the best course of action.

We talked to the vet about his "enthusiasm" and she suggested that we get him fixed. That sounded like a plan, but she didn't have an available date until mid-February. We'd have to wait.

When I went to pick him up yesterday, the vet tech told me that they had a cancellation and that they could do the surgery immediately.

So today, Kodak got "tutored."

When I picked him up, he was thrilled to see me. It's early to tell if it will calm him down, but we are hopeful. I wish I could bottle that energy. I have friends who would pay top dollar for it.


  1. Look at that face! He could melt ice in the North Pole. He is soooo cute but what a little hell raiser. He may slow down.....a bit but I think you will need some obedience training. My Katie was quite rambunctious and didn’t like it when I left so, I bought her a Kong and I would fill it with peanut butter...kept her busy

  2. I wish you luck. Our dog is a female and was spayed. We still have to put her in a cage before we leave to go to the store. She is slightly older than Kodak but not much.She goes into a frenzy if she even thinks someone is going outside without her.I'll be glad when she calms with age. (I hope.)

  3. Add me to the list of people who would pay (generously) for that sort of energy.
    And yes, that is a face to melt a thousand hearts.

  4. Looks as though there might have been a reason Kodak was abandoned.
    However it's nothing that some discipline won't rectify - cute face or not.
    The time to start is now :-),

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Like having a toddler.

  7. From years of raising pups, I'd say that is not going to slow him down all that much. Most of mine didn't slow down until after they were two or three years old. I'd love to have a little bit of that energy too...if only....

  8. I remember a caption, "I'm his BEST friend and he done this?" BUT I do love that shot and the details I can see in the leaves and dead pine needles. VERY good one. Enjoyed the read....
    Sherry & jack we are at 50 degrees at noon.

  9. Our dog from 30+ years ago got "tutored" and then ran off. Perhaps it was a good thing.

  10. He's adorable and he doesn't look too sad to have his Saturday night privileges taken away!😉


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