Wednesday, January 08, 2020

Kid talk

I got a frantic call from our niece, Samantha this afternoon. She was in a bind and needed me to pick up Jordan (our great-nephew) from school. 

I'd completed my writing for the day and I was about to take Jilda to work. Looking at my watch, the timeframe worked out. 

Hustling to the car, I ran to the school, picked up the package, and headed back home for Jilda.  

We picked her up and then discussed what we should do to kill a little time while she taught her classes.

We decided on Starbucks. He loves the cake-pops and hot chocolate. 

Often when he's with us, he has his iPad and he can entertain himself by playing Minecraft, and watching videos on history. But today, his Nana had locked his iPad in her office.

He was tired when we dropped Jilda off and he got quite in the back seat. When I stopped at a stop sign, I flipped the rearview mirror down so I could see what he was up to. He was sound asleep.

I debated on whether to wake him at Starbucks, but he woke up when I pulled into the parking lot.

We sat for a long time and talked. 

We discussed why there is no longer a milkman. I told him there were many reasons but one was that more and more women worked which left no one at home to fetch the milk from the front porch.

We talked about the trend starting during WWII when women went into the workplace.

We talked about Impeachment. The electoral college, and so on. The thing is, at 11 years old, he had a good grasp of most of these topics. I know, because he explained his understanding of them to me. He was not far off.

When we picked Jilda up from work, I had Jordan give her a recap of the things we talked about. 

I think I'll ask him to leave his iPad home more often.


  1. Jordan is an example of the fact that kids know more than we give them credit for.

  2. He is such a cutie while asleep - love that he is interested in (and has a good grasp on) such a wide range of topics. And of course he woke up when you pulled into the Starbucks parking lot. It is a question of priorities.

  3. I'm glad that the iPad was left behind. Having a real conversation is mush better.

  4. I often believe that kids ARE smarter than we are. Their little brains are not yet overloaded with a lot of nonsense like us older folks. They spend more time learning as well.

  5. NICE! Interesting that a 'kid' discusses these subjects. All the technology is good, but also good to actually 'make conversation' which also will MAKE memories. You guys are definitely good 'Parents'!
    Sherry & jack

  6. How refreshing! Methinks Jordan's going places ... 'hope I'm still around to read about it.

  7. He's not only handsome but smart too! I love the pic of him sleeping. Looks like me after work! I think some of my best kid to adult conversations came when driving when no distractions were around. I'll never forget the talk my Jordan and I had when I picked him up from school and they had a doctor come and discuss sex ed in health class. He informed me he was in puberty, that he was glad he wasn't a girl, and that was all he wanted to discuss on that topic. I had a hard time not laughing right out loud..but he was so serious I just nodded and took him for a rootbeer float!

  8. He is growing so fast! In car discussions are the best. My gr-son (age6) and I talked about chicken nuggets and how many would it take to feed our town.

  9. Technology has it's place in the scheme of things but nothing beats a face to face comversation. Good preparation for the real world.

  10. Maybe the iPad can gradually disappear.



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