Friday, January 03, 2020


I'm reading a book entitled, "All the light we cannot see." I checked it out over the weekend from the library. It came highly recommended. The timeline goes forward and backward a few years, but the setting is in France and Germany prior to WWII.

Anthony Doerr is the author and I'd never heard of him. The work earned Doerr a Pulitzer Prize in 2015. 

So far, I'm a quarter of the way in, and I can already tell why the work is acclaimed. His descriptions take me to another place. 

I stopped reading today and took some notes. I've always thought I had a decent vocabulary but reading this book has me yearning to expand my understanding of the language.

After I'm through, I'll pass on my final notes on this work. I'm thinking I will recommend it to my friends.


  1. It comes highly recommended, but I picked it up and put it down again. Later perhaps.

    1. I almost put it down after I first started it, but my friend Danny told me I would love it and he is rarely wrong.
      The deeper I get the better it gets.

  2. A good book can really excite you.

  3. A book like that is hard to find. A mastery of word s is a gift. There are a lot of good one out there that we rarely use. I like the good ones that make a difference.

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  5. My vocabulary is very limited, I am ashamed at times but know it was and still is my laziness. I have trouble with many 'acclaimed' books, even books by the ones I thought were 'masters', like Dickens. I honestly have been reading 'Bleak House' for over 2 years and still cannot get into it. LOL
    I can appreciate a person who loves a challenge. My level of reading has 'dropped or raised' to Westerns, LOL.
    The best my friend, I liked the picture, made me think of my short 'trail' back home.
    (I also need a proofer, even on comments! ;-(

  6. Anonymous11:33 AM

    I never heard of this book but it sounds good especially since my mom lived during this time in Germany as a child


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