Monday, January 27, 2020

Day off

It was cool this morning when I stepped out to dump the coffee grounds in the compost bucket. The weatherperson had predicted that the sun would come out later in the day, but the mist felt as thick as meringue.

My job is part-time, but I worked every day last week, so today I decided to kick back.

My office desk was a mess. A few hours later, and now I can actually put my camera down without causing a clutter-valanche (is that a word?)

Jilda whipped up lunch and afterward, we took a long nap. I might still be napping had I not noticed the sun on the birdbath just outside our great room window. There was a herd of redbirds swishing water and enjoying the sun.

Easing off the couch, I stepped out onto the back deck. The bees were looking for the sugar water that I've been putting on the banisters.

I whipped up and batch and filled the feeders. The sun was incredible.

Stepping back inside, I got a glass of water and a handful of pistachios. Settling in on the back steps,  I took it all in. I could see the bees from a distance weaving their way from the hives down in the garden to the feeders just above my head. It was magical and it felt good to be alive.

I pulled the phone from my pocket and snapped a picture of the sky to prove I wasn't telling a fib.


  1. You do have a lovely Eden of you own. The bees must be thrilled.

  2. It sounds completely blissful - from beginning to end.

  3. Ahhh the red birds. Sherry called my attention to one just in front of our windshield, he matched the red roses on the dash. I think he thought they were kin.
    BTW who built the P-38?

  4. What a beautiful day, it almost reminds me of a warm day in spring here. No bees, no sunshine here. Dark and gloomy so I needed this cheerful post and the picture. Thanks!

  5. What a beautiful sky to look at on your day off. Glad the bees are doing well

  6. You have a good life and lovely photos


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