Sunday, January 12, 2020


Jilda and I got a call from the community foundation on Friday. They are planning an exhibition of local artists. They asked Jilda for copies of some of the Christmas cards. She's hand-painted our cards each year since the first Bush was in the White House.

I was happy the foundation asked to exhibit some of my photos, but I was thrilled that they asked her to display her work.

The problem for both of us is deciding which pieces to select. Mine is easier because I simply flip back through my archives and decided on three pictures.

Jilda's task is harder because she always sends out ALL of the cards she's painted. I've scanned the cards each year so she's recreating three of her favorite cards.

I will show the three I submit after the exhibit opens. I can say it's been interesting going through the archives.

Below is a picture that I like that did not make the final cut. I've used this one on my blog so forgive the repeat.


  1. I can't imagine hand painting such intricate pictures in the first place. But to make so many is beyond comprehension. Beautiful.

  2. That is a truly gorgeous image. Congratulations to both of you, and to the community foundation for celebrating local artists.

  3. Celebration of local artists is done in many parts of the world including my hometown. The works are exhibited both outdoors, in parks, and indoors in galeries (mostly with free entrance).
    It's a blessed activity which strenghtens the ties of the artist with the local community.

  4. I love Jilda's dedication and ability to actually 'paint' each card, that is a WOW. WE always enjoy your 'eye' candy. Your work seems to always 'catch' a MOMENT!
    Good stuff and yeah that is an honor to both of you guys. That is special entertainers as well as the Artists!
    Sherry & jack

  5. Congrats to both of you, Each are artists in your own right. You have a talent to seeing what others don't and taking pictures of it. How interesting the picture has both the moon and sun in it.

    1. That’s actually a cloud at sunset. It just looks like the sun.

  6. Hand painting cards is a talent that I d o not have so I find Jilda amazing


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