Monday, January 20, 2020

Looking up

My phone buzzed this evening before we headed out to yoga. It was my International Space Station tracker app telling me the craft would soon be in my line of vision.

The sun had already dipped below the horizon, but the color didn't get the memo. I know I've taken pictures from this exact spot under similar circumstances before, but I can't help myself. I have to take a picture.

Standing on the south side of the house, I was blocked from the breeze out of the north, but it was still cold.

I looked toward the southwest. The ISS appeared from toward the sunset. Had I taken the picture with my Canon camera, there's a chance you could have seen the craft, but it was much too small for the iPhone to capture.

I snapped the picture anyhow. I never tire was watching things in the sky.


  1. This is one beautiful sky. It’s quite otherworldly.

  2. Skyscapes are always a delight (with or without the space station).

  3. I too love to sky watch. I don't carry a smart phone maybe I should get an app for my laptop.
    Anyway have a good night, and I never tire of your 'captures'.
    Sherry & jack in Florida for a week or so more.

  4. Thanks to the good folks at WSFA, we were able to spot the space station above our back yard. And yes, I waved. :)

  5. Beautiful sky none the less. We used t enjoy watching the night sky and catching a space station speeding by. Quite a sight to be sure!

  6. Hmm...I'll have to get that app. I would love to see the space station fly over. Love your sky pic even without seeing the space station!

  7. You see such beautifiul things by looking up


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