Sunday, January 19, 2020

Perplexing questions

Blogging nightly has a downside. When we talk about traveling, we both fret about the news stories describing how criminals learn on social media that you're out of town. While you're out of town, they break into your house and steal all your Doobie Brothers' records.

So, to guard against that, we don't advertise on social media (or our blogs) when we're out of town.

But, I must say that Mentone is an eclectic little town that we love visiting. There are a few restaurants there that are amazing. We ate out both nights and the food was incredible.

It's an artist community. The small store on the main street has incredible art, books, and things you won't find anywhere else on the planet.

You can't blink while driving through town or you'll miss it. In the scheme of things, it might not be a blip on the radar of some people. But there's something there for those who look.

Yesterday, we stopped at a scenic stop overlooking the river. I shot several pictures there. Just past that stop, we passed a place where a massive rock caused the road builders to turn the pig trail into a divided highway.

Walking up, I stood beside those rocks and considered their history. It's hard for me to work out in my mind just how they came to be there. How is it that rocks that were probably contemporaries of dinosaurs wound up near Mentone, Alabama. I also wondered that if the dinosaurs had been in town this weekend, would they have enjoyed the blackened trout for dinner as much as I did?

Perplexing questions.


  1. I suspect the dinosaurs (or the carnivores among them) would have liked blackened trout. They might also have been partial to blackened Rick and Jilda.

  2. We love discovering out of the way places far away from all the tourists that are unique. I love Elephant Child's comment.

  3. It is amazing when you see rocks like that to think of the glaciers that once covered the earth. So glad you found a spot to visit that meant enough to write about. Places like that are hard to find and we don't want to forget them.

  4. I'M WITH ELEPHANTS CHILD 'AGIN', the dinosaurs woulda loved the trout! BUT I love the rocks. I always sit and wonder about formations. Something my mind just cannot wrap around. I do enjoy the formations though, they do make you think.
    Glad you guys had a chance to enjoy the time.
    Sherry & jack

  5. If it comes out of the water I don't like it.................
    When we go away I make sure everyone knows the house isn't empty as our daughters are in and out every day.

  6. It’s smart to not say where you are beforehand. Because you never know. I know real jerks will check the obits and find out when a home is now empty so they can rob disgusting


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