Sunday, March 29, 2020

Azalea toll

It's been a beautiful day here. We drank coffee on our newly liberated screen porch. It was cool this morning, so the ceiling fan whirring overhead had to go. We sipped as the morning sun Cezanne'ed our yard.

The azaleas along the bank next to the road in our yard have bloomed in waves. It started early last week with the white ones. The pink ones followed. Today, we noticed a couple of the crimson ones. I expect them to be out in force next week.

We're thinking about charging an azalea toll for those passing in front of our house.

On a less upbeat note, I noticed several days ago that one of my beehives had little activity. That's not something a beekeeper wants to see in lat March.

This afternoon, I donned my veil and gloves to have a look. It was empty. When I called my beekeeper buddy, he had several theories, but the bottom line is we now need to get a new batch of bees for that empty hive.

I hope your Sunday has been a good one. Stay safe.


  1. I am so sorry you have lost a hive - and would happily pay an azalea toll. I would pay to see the bees too - despite me being very sensitive to their stings.

  2. Sorry to hear about your hive but I know you are constantly learning and will be able to get another hive and it will be even better. I love azalias and you must have a beautiful sight

  3. Lovely azaleas.
    Not so lovely about the bees. There's bound to be a reason for the empty hive. There'll always be something to keep you on your toes while you keep bees.

  4. I love azaleas, I've planted a few on my 15 square yards of property that the HOA allows us to tend. One of the things I'm going to miss about no Masters Golf this spring, is that is the most beautiful course ever, especially as it is played with the azaleas in full bloom.

    1. That is a beautiful place. Have you ever been there? If not, you should go.

  5. Yes,, I too would pay the toll to see those lovely azaleas. It would be hard to put a price on such a beautiful sight. Priceless! Hope you find some more bees to replace the missing ones. Nature is full of surprises. Not all of them are good.

  6. I never realized Bees moved...... But on the azaleas, it seems ours jumped out over night. Love the looks of SPRING. Hope you get some new renters soon.
    Sherry & jack


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