Tuesday, March 24, 2020


The rain moved out early this morning, leaving an azure sky. Don't you love that word? Anyhow, I'd taken a break from writing and went out for a walk. 

My intention was to get a picture of the blooming blueberries with the sky and clouds as a backdrop, but then this pesky raise back swallowtail kept photobombing my pictures. I tried to shoo the little flapper away, but he was persistent, so I decided to take one with him in it.

It was a warm and turbulent day today. The wind chimes on the back deck have worked hard. The long D chime sounded like a church bell. Dong. Dong. Dong.

This evening the atmosphere is churning. One moment the wind out of the south is warm. The next moment, the wind shifts, and it's much cooler coming from the northwest.

Radar shows the worst part going just north of us. My fingers are crossed that it jumps everyone and heads out to an empty sea.


  1. The photo-bomber is the star of the picture.

  2. Awww..love that little photo bomber! Your photo looks like summer to me! The trees have leaves and everything! We're getting warmer here and there but still wearing a winter coat. Take care and stay healthy!

  3. Now that's quite the beautiful bomber. Your writing is even lovelier than usual in this post. I gave one of your books to Carol. I told her she would find that your writing is descriptive and soothing.


  4. Oh that all bombers were so beautiful...

  5. What a perfect picture for your perfect day there !

  6. The butterfly must be a model:) I love your pic and the weather is wonky but, it is March


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