Sunday, March 08, 2020

Working on the farm

The time change makes both Jilda and me cranky. I can't wait to read what our blog buddy Joe has to say about it...but I digress. 

I had work to do, and I got at it after coffee. Back during the fall, I bought some laying boxes from Tractor Supply. They were constructed of pressboard and held together with staples. I knew better, but I didn't have all the tools and supplies to build them myself, so at a weak moment, I bought three.

If I had written a check, the boxes would have fallen apart before the check cleared. 

I finally saved up and bought the tools and supplies I needed, so this morning I built laying boxes that will be here a while.

On Friday we bought trees. In the truck as we drove home were redbuds, sweet shrubs, holly, plum, pawpaw, sourwood, fringe tree, and more.  Today was planting day.

I dug holes with the posthole diggers, and Jilda hauled buckets of water all over the property. It will take a few years for them to start showing out, but had we not planted them, they never would have.

I ran out of time before adding hive boxes to the four hives, but I did spend time in the honey house getting everything ready so that I can add the boxes tomorrow weather permitting.

This evening my bones are weary.


  1. OMG, I had to Google laying boxes...had no iodea what they were. I am such a rube!

    I think DST is stupid, but outside of having to change a few clocks it does not really bother me now that I am retired, 12 o'clock...2:30...Monday, Tuesday, it is all kinda the same.

    I was not going to blog anything about DST, but I have had an idea for a while, maybe I will post about that.

    1. I think you could bring a good perspective to the topic of DST.
      As far as laying boxes, if you’ve never had chickens, you would have no reason to know.
      We’ve had chickens for most of my life.
      My folks grew up during The Great Depression and chickens were required.
      I’m sure your folk came through the depression with some ideas on how to survive.

  2. I am not surprised your bones are weary.
    Well done you and Jilda.
    Our clocks go back next month. I am really, really looking forward to it.

  3. Daylight Saving Time didn't bother me this year. I woke up early this morning, got some stuff done, and napped during the afternoon.


    1. I’m not sure I trust people that don’t whine about DST:)

  4. I love Daylight Savings time but I wish they would just leave the whole time change alone. As soon as I get used to one way, it changes.

  5. I hate this time change and wish it would have stayed where it was. I prefer waking up to see8ng light and couldn’t care less about having a later day. I need to see some pictures of the trees you bought

  6. Mama never had laying boxes, but It amazes me pressed boards would be used, BUT I am not a fan of pressed board anyway.

    Anyway The time change messes with my head.

  7. I think there are plenty of folks who like the daylight to stay later in the evening, but not one person I know enjoys the change. Maybe we should do it over 6 weeks in 10 minute increments. Makes as much sense as anything else!

  8. Hard work indeed but good honest work that leaves you feeling exhausted


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