Thursday, March 12, 2020

Beekeeping Thang

Jilda and I walked around to check on the trees and shrubs we planted this past weekend. Everything looks happy. All of the new blueberries bushes we planted except one survived and are blooming. Each day it looks more and more like spring.

Today was a workday for Jilda so she headed out after lunch. I finished up a few stories I'd been working on and decided to check on the bees.

All four hives are buzzing. One of the hives had a box that was my first to assemble...before I actually knew how to assemble them.

Last year when I tried to open it up and have a look to see what was going on, it came apart. I'd fretted about what to do. One of the old beekeepers told me to let it stay on over the winter and deal with it before the honey flow in the spring.

I went down this afternoon with a plan. I removed the defective hive and installed a new one. The defective hive was filled with bees. With a leafblower, I blew them out and took the old hive into the honey house (don't you love the name of my new workspace?).

Three of the frames were filled with uncapped honey that they'd collected this year. I cut all the honey and comb out of the old hive, put it a feeder and placed it back inside the beehive that I removed it from. They won't be happy, but they'll take that honey and place it on the new hive I installed this afternoon. I know this sounds complicated, but it wasn't that hard.

All of the equity I've built up this spring by feeding them sugar water is gone. One of the bees stung me on my thumb.

I'm excited about this whole beekeeping thang.


  1. I am excited with and for you.
    If you took away from home and hosed me down with a leaf blower I would fang you too.

    1. I KNOW. I took it as a compliment that only one stung me:)

  2. This thang you're doing is much appreciated by the world or it definitely should be. When I was growing up a hundred years ago in Sidney MT, we had friends who raised bees. I was always fascinated by their work but I stayed far far away because I sure didn't trust those little buzzers. 😁

  3. I love your bee stories. Makes me want to do a hive or two. I would need to attend a bee keeping class first. It all sounds complicated to me. Im not sure if the bee sting you received was for the good or bad. I think one wanted to remind you who was boss.

  4. Taking good care of those bees is going to pay off. Already is in my opinion. Glad you aren't allergic to bee stings. Sad thanks you got.

  5. Shame on that bee for stinging you, but I'm sure glad you enjoy your beekeeping. My girl Sylvia Plath wrote some poems about beekeeping. Her father, Otto Plath, was an expert on bumblebees and wrote the book on them.


  6. It is pretty exciting to follow you since we now have a beekeeper nephew who is also attending BEE school and I pass on some things you put out. He likes to talk about 'em Bees. I ain't crazy about 'em stings myownself!
    Sherry & jack

  7. I find these posts reeally interesting as I know nothing about beekeeping


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