Sunday, March 15, 2020

Blooming time

After the rain moved off to the east, we decided to take a walk. It was colder than yesterday, but still short-sleeve weather for me. 

Our great-nephew Jordan came over with his mom Samantha to get outside for a while. Jordan ran and wrestled with Kodak while we ambled to see what all started blooming.

All of the things we planted last Sunday survived and are now blooming. I was happy to see that all of the blueberry bushes we planted in the fall survived. We now have 22 bushes. It will take a few years for the ones we planted in November to start showing out, but I'm encouraged that they all survived.

Down by the barn, I noticed the buckeye bush is blooming. Many other things are blooming that we cannot name.

I'm hoping the sun returns tomorrow. I have a few chores with the bees that require sunshine.

Happy Sunday.


  1. I do a regular walk around the garden to see what has survived (and hopefully) thrived.
    I hope you and the bees get sunshine tomorrow.

  2. This goes along with what hit me today. As we were driving back in from lunch I looked up at a solid green tree, it seemed the leaves came out over night. Also some flower trees are showing off. I think the blue berry bushes will make Sherry's mouth water when she gets here later.
    Fun read, I like stories of Jordan. ;-)

  3. Your photo is so lovely!

  4. Still nothing blooming here so I do appreciate the pictures of yours. I have hope with the long days of sunlight tht it won't be long now. Buckeyes are our state tree in Ohio.

  5. I planted some tulips, planted some Loofah seeds and repotted some cactus. My loofahs have broke ground and my tulips are blooming. Spring is almost here.

  6. Nice photo, starting to cool down here


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