Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Wednesday stuff

I wrote my column today taking two posts from this blog and combining them into a hopeful message for the people here who read my column in the newspaper.
Afterward, I worked on the farm. It's easy to get lost in the work. It's what I needed today. Checking on the collard plants, I noticed that they are putting on seeds. We will have seeds to plant this fall.

This afternoon, I took Jilda into Birmingham to pick up some specialized meds that she takes. The roads weren't as crowded as they normally are. 

We had a contest with each other during the drive over and back to see what things are in bloom. South of town, the dogwoods trees are on the cusp of bloom. The redbud, yar, and ornamental cherry trees were on fire.

When we got home, one of our friends had sent us a message saying that we should record a copy of our song The Storm Brings Out the Eagle. We haven't practiced it in a long time but decided to give it a shot. The link to the video is below the lyrics.

The Storm Brings Out The Eagle 
When the horizon fills with clouds of the storm 
Small Birds seek their refuge 
When thunder rolls and the wind is born
The weak await the deluge 
But the storm brings out the eagle 
To challenge the wind and the cloud 
Yes the storm brings out the eagle 
Soaring high and free and proud 
Defiantly facing the fury 
Determined to see it through 
May all the storms of your life 
Bring out the eagle in you 
When your trials are many and your triumphs are few 
And your fire is down to an ember 
When your spirit grows weary, and your lost and confused 
There's something that you should remember 

 HERE is a YouTube link. 




  1. Huge thanks for the link.
    And may the skies be filled with eagles.

  2. Nice, I got a little chill reading the words, good stuff. then I was pleasantly surprised to have closed caption in the video. We enjoyed the song, thanks.
    Sherry & jack

  3. Wonderful couple and a beautiful song !

  4. it is coming down buckets here but I enjoyed listening to you sing. What a nice song and good lyrics

  5. Loved the song! Very fitting for today. So glad to hear your voices. I enjoy your blogs and look forward to reading both of them daily.


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