Tuesday, March 17, 2020

This too

This morning I covered a city council meeting. Everyday life in our small part of the world will change over the next several weeks. Things are hard for our local officials. They are struggling to make the right decisions. No matter what they decide, someone will be unhappy. At this point, I think it comes down to make the best decision based on the information you have.

It's not the kind of story I enjoy writing, but my job is to write the truth as I know it. That's what I strive to do. 

I came home, wrote the story, and submitted it. Afterward, I turned my phone off and distanced myself from social media and the news. 

The sun came out after lunch, and the temps inched up. I'd bought a bag of parched peanuts a few days ago, and I grabbed them as I took a glass of sweet tea onto the back deck.

A curious honeybee landed on my glass and sipped the condensation on the outside. After cracking a few peanuts, I had to be mindful when I took a sip of tea.

The eagle that has a nest a few hundred yards to the west of where we live circled overhead. I'm guessing she was looking for a snack for the eaglets. 

Jilda and I have seen more redbirds the last few days than we've seen years. Maybe they realized that we needed to see them now. 

This evening, I checked the weakest beehive. I feared that it would not survive the winter. But when I pried the cover off and pulled up one of the frames, it was FULL of capped honey. I was thrilled. Hustling to the honey house, I grabbed one of the new hives I built and installed it. 

It's a troubling time for the world, but all the fretting and worrying will not change a thing. 

There is one thing I know – life goes on. If you don't believe it, step outside and look, listen, and smell what is around you. 

Having said that, let's all be mindful and be as safe as we can. It may have been Rumi that said, "This too shall pass."


  1. Things are never as bad as they seem when they are bad and never as good as as they seem when they are good, stay safe, wash your hands and take care of them bees.

  2. Rumi was a very wise man.
    I often turn to nature for solace when the 'civilised' world is overwhelming me. She has never let me down.

  3. I love what you wrote and I love the picture because it is hopeful. Maybe, you can take a video of you playing the guitar and singing..look at Italy.

  4. We do have to enjoy what we have and not complein about what we don't have.

  5. This has all been a real whirlwind for many of us in this wonderful country. I have had to stay home and I have chosen to just work outside as often as I can with Spring roaring most days. Glad your Bee hive made it through the winter, I miss having my Bees we lost all the hives during the many years of drought years back. I never ever once got stung from my sweet Bees. The shock and the truth and the unknown is hard for any of us to swallow, so take time out to drink sweet tea and share with the Bees.... Stay healthy and yes this will pass, but it may take a long time so we will continue doing what we can in our own space and time.

  6. You're right to avoid the news and craziness as much as possible. Stay home, stay safe, enjoy nature and those wonderful honey makers!

  7. Those who are making the decisions are dmned if the do and damned if the don't


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