Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Name that color

I woke up in the night to get a sip of water. Before I fell to sleep, I had the misfortune of remembering that I needed to get started on our income tax.

I thought once I retired, my tax picture would become simpler. That has not been the case. My part-time work freelancing complicates things. 

I finally feel to sleep, but I had a few hours early this morning before headed to meetings for the paper. 

Hitting the ground running, I knocked out all the easy categories that I track, so I'm on my way. Another hour or so and we'll be set.

This evening, Jilda made fish tacos. They were scrumptious. As we ate, I noticed a remarkable light coming through the garden doors. 

Stepping outside, the clouds were on fire. I wish I knew the name of this color.


  1. The colour is sublime, what ever its name is.
    I need to do something about my tax too. Soon.

  2. This colour is striking and I think of it like a coral pink with hints of salmon in the colour. I love these beautiful sunsets

  3. I always call it cotton candy skies.
    Beautiful Neon sky.

  4. Such beautiful color, I love the name cotton candy skies. Lisa named it!

  5. Such an amazing sunset. God knows how to put on a show!

  6. Yep you caught some great color what ever color it is. And then you just had to mention Income TAx.. I must get started.... I used to be done....... But that is hindsight.
    The best to you
    Sherry & jack

  7. Every time I see a sky with all these colors, I always say the same thing "Fire in the sky" Sometimes its blazing and other times burning slowly... I appreciate your encouragement to continue writing! Made my week! Even my hubby said see there you go keep blogging Rox!


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