Saturday, March 07, 2020

Getting warmer

The last two days have been remarkable. Warm sunshine with a cool breeze out of the north. Yesterday afternoon, we called our great-nephew Jorda to see if he wanted to join us. He did. By the time I slid my shoes on, and grabbed my hat, he was climbing the backyard fence. Oh, to have energy like that again.

We walked again this morning and by the second lap, it was warm enough to roust the bees from the hives.

I hustled in and made some sugar water to feed them these last few cool days of winter. Soon, there will be so much pollen and nectar that they will forego the sugar water and gorge themselves on what Mother Nature serves up.

While Jilda made lunch, I stood on the back deck to soak up a little more sun. Just then, a female honey bee landed on the banister. They are getting used to me now so I got up close with my iPhone and snapped a few pictures.

Tomorrow, I plan to open up the hives and have a look to get a feel for how well they weathered the winter. Fingers crossed.


  1. That is a DELIGHTFUL (and excellent) bee photo. I do hope they have weathered winter well.

  2. Enjoy seeing/reading about your bees Rick. So much to learn and take care of so they thrive. My sister's husband keeps bees and he had to replace many because of pests that kill the bees (yes I don't know the vocabulary).

  3. Looking forward to seeing your hives in action!

  4. How do you know it is a female? I'll Google it.

  5. I would bet your B-Kids did well. Great catch of the BEE. I never knew their eyes were so large.
    Sherry & jack over in NC

  6. This is so cute. Hey if you ever decide to sell a bottle of honey, let me know, I love fresh honey with comb.


  7. Good luck with the bees Rick. Be careful. Oh I know what you mean about kid energy. Me too. Bless you and yours, xoxo, Susie

  8. We are having some pretty cool days here, the photo of the bee is so nice

  9. The weather is crazy! It will be 15C today nuts. March is a crazy t8me weather wise no matter what. Oh how I wish to taste your honey and that picture of the bee is great as I can see all the details!


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