Saturday, March 28, 2020


The thermometer crept past 80 degrees (F) today. It's been beautiful. I needed a few pieces of lumber today, so I called our local hardware store and asked if I could order and pay for our order and then have the yard people load it on my truck without having to get close to anyone.  They could, and they did.

When I got home, Jilda was ready to walk. She was walking ahead with Taz, the wonder Yorkie, when she raised her arm in the HALT gesture that we both use from time to time.

When I looked just in front of her, I saw a chicken snake about five feet long. He and his family live in the barn. His family has lived there for as long as we've been here. They feed on mice, moles, voles, and other small critters.

We gave him a wide berth and shooed the dogs on around the barn so they wouldn't bother him (or her).

When we walked the second lap, it had moved on.

I posted a picture on social media, and the comments ran the gamut from – Ah, he's a friendly fellow, to KILL IT!!!!!!

Our neighbors are members of the "If it crawls, smite it" club. As long as the snake stays here, it will be safe. I can't say what will happen if it goes elsewhere.


  1. I'm not fond of snakes but I know they keep the critter population at bay and as long as it's not poisonous I say welcome. However, 5ft. is one that would make me take a deep breath and walk quickly away! I love to laugh at the tiny baby garden snakes that rise up and open their mouths at you like they are going to bite!

  2. Not poisonous, eats long as it stays out of the house I'd be good too.

  3. I appreciate snakes from a distance. Quite a long distance. In one of our homes a red-bellied black (venomous) lived under the front steps. For about nine months of the year I only used the back door.

  4. If it was poisonous, I would not want it around but it keeps the varmint population down which is good and it is not hurting anyone so let the family live. They are meant to be there

  5. I don't like snakes but if they get rid of mice that's ok with me. Just like having a barn cat around I suppose.

  6. Snakes give me the creeps


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