Thursday, March 19, 2020

Beauty around us

Jilda and I sat on the back deck this evening to get a dose of vitamin D. It was 82 degrees. The skies were restless with banks of clouds rolling across the sky. One moment the sky was ash gray and the next it was a brilliant blue. It couldn't make up its mind.

A swallowtail butterfly as big as my hands flitted around. It seemed as restless as the sky because each time I tried to snap a picture it flitted just out of range of my lens. Maybe tomorrow.

A young chameleon crawled over my toes and up the banister. From there he did a death-defying jump to the rosemary plant below.  He was on a mission, but for the life of me, I couldn't tell what it was.

Our great nephew Jordan came over to give Kodak a run. The young dog met his match because, after about 30 minutes, the panting pup came up and sat beside me with his tongue lolled out. He looked up as if to say, daddy, you can send that kid home.

Jilda and I had a few steps to go before reaching our daily goal so we decided to walk a few laps around the property. On the last lap, I noticed that the azaleas are blooming. We have pink, deep red and white. The white one was the easiest to get to so I took a picture of it.

As your friend and advisor, I suggest that you take time to see the beauty around you.


  1. We are taking time to see nature come alive. I smiled when ai read about the chameleon jump. I didn't know they jumped as far as they do until I watched them in Florida. As always like your take on things and especially what you KNOW that the animals say. Neat.
    Sherry & jack

  2. Sounds like Kodak had a Jordan moment.

  3. I am a beauty addict, and endlessly grateful that there is so much of it about.

  4. We have beauty but none like yours. it is truly all around us, but I'm having to look harder and longer to find it these days.

  5. Oh Kodak was played out so Jordan did a great job! I love the flower and maybe more people will get into nature. It would be so nice if I could live in the country. Wow, as i am writing this it is getting darker and darker. Today it is 17C but, in a matter of hours it will plummet to -3


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