Thursday, March 05, 2020

The sun came out today

The sun returned today. It's been a while since 
I felt the need for sunscreen, but after days of rain, it finally stopped. 
Jilda had to dash to her vehicle when she left just after lunch, but by the time home just after three, the sun was out.
The light seemed to light up places deep within. 
The next few days will be much warmer.
Tomorrow morning, we head out early to buy trees.
Forestry Department is having a tree sale.
Crabapple and sourwood. Spruce, Black walnut and Crepe Myrtle
These are trees the bees love.
Did I mention that the sun came out today?


  1. Your tree buying expedition makes me a little envious. There is no more room here but...

  2. Like the scattered cloud shot. SOURWOOD that name jumped out at me, my daddy's favorite honey was listed as Sourwood. I don;t know if I would even recognize the tree, but daddy sure could.

  3. Lovely photo. Love that you are buying trees. I always loved planting a tree and watching it grow. Going into a condo we can't do that, I suppose. lol
    Have a great weekend, Rick. hugs- Diana


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