Sunday, March 22, 2020

Staying connected

We did videos today. Jilda promised her Monday night yoga class that she would do classes online. We'd never tried doing that before and wasn't sure how it would work. Turns out, it was OK. 

We'll premier it tomorrow evening at 7 p.m., which is what time yoga class begins each Monday evening.

We think it's important to try and find the new normal. It's a moving target right now. For us, it's maintaining a connection with the people that are important to us. 

We've called our family, friends, and neighbors these last several days. Just checking in. 

When we were younger, we did a better job of staying connected. I think smartphones put distance between people. Instead of making eye contact with people around us, our eyes are glued to tiny rectangles of glass. 

The glass has not been as appealing these last few days. 

I hope you all are finding ways to stay connected to those you love.

I think this is a crabapple tree. It's the first time
it's bloomed since we've lived here. 


  1. The phone has been my friend this weekend. When we can’t be near family, a phone call is always good

  2. My son is a phys ed teacher. He does YouTube videos on various phys ed subjects. Several weeks ago he got an email that a teacher in China was using his videos while their students could not go to class. He was thrilled. Now it looks like his students will need the same videos.

    While we are apart we can still connect, even across the globe.

  3. I hope the video classes go well.
    I find technology a very mixed blessing, and agree that phones/screens more often seem to divide us than the opposite.
    They are more than justifying their existance now.
    Take care.

  4. Great post Rick.
    Wish you all the best. This will be over soon.

  5. I have to work at the hospital when needed so I come in contact with folks but I sure miss my immediate family and having my Mom in the hospital and undergoing surgery today makes me sad because no visitors are allowed and she's not understanding where we are. It's a tough time but I have hope like your beautiful crab apple tree that things will bloom again! Take care and I'm going to try to get in on the yoga video!

  6. Glad you are staying connected and showing the beautiful blooms you have there. I love seeing all of them!


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