Friday, March 20, 2020

Find joy in your day

My black truck and Jilda's blue Subaru were both yellow today when I went out to plant some potatoes and elderberry bushes. Each time a wind rose up out of the west, it sent a yellow cloud of pine pollen drifting across the yard.

Thankfully, the rain moved in this afternoon. Now the pollen that was on our metal roof is now on the back deck. Hopefully, the rain will clear the air for a few days.

I noticed that the wild honeysuckle bush in the back yard is blooming. It's a beautiful plant that is native to the hills and hollows of the south. I would share a picture of it, but Jilda called dibs on the photo.

I looked into the archives tonight. Flipping through Google Photos, I found this one taken of Jilda and me a million years ago. I needed to smile.

I hope you managed to find some joy in your day.


  1. Thank you for the archive picture which epitomises joy.

  2. Great photo of a very handsome couple!

  3. How nice to see your lovely smiling faces, made me smile back at you!

  4. A very good picture of you! BUT that girl is a beauty, great couple. I had some of your bees in the basement, I asked what they were looking for but was ignored. Take care down there, I kow you guys will keep planting. I must get some tomato plants....
    From NC
    Sherry & jack

  5. A great photo, I find joy in blogging


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