Saturday, March 14, 2020

Which path do you prefer?

Coronavirus craziness abounds here. I refuse to participate. Even if we needed toilet paper now, I'd use a Tractor Supply catalog before going to the store and buying a roll of TP. That's just the way I roll - pun intended.

When we went to the store yesterday for our regular weekly visit, many of the shelves were bare.  What struck me as interesting is that the things on our list seemed plentiful. There was hummus, cucumbers, carrots, and buttermilk. Thankfully there were plenty of choices for beer and wine. 

Who knows where this thing will lead. This much I know for sure, we won't survive by being crazy and beating up on each other.

I saw a video on social media of a street in Italy. With his window open, a man began singing a folk song about the city. A few seconds in, people from all over the city joined in. It was a beautiful moment.

When tragedy strikes, we have two paths before us. We can go crazy. In this scenario, the strongest often survive. But the other path is much different. 

One of my friends posted on social media today that she has extra hand sanitizer, food, and over the counter meds that she would share with anyone who needed them.

Another reached out to elderly people in the community and volunteered to run errands so that the those who are more vulnerable would not be exposed.

The second path is people coming together to help each other through. When we take this path, we all have a chance to survive.

Which path do you prefer?

The picture below has nothing to do with this post, but the bees love these little suckers.


  1. I am not taking the crazy path. I refuse to clean out store shelves and make life more difficult for other people. You would think a blizzard was on the way.


  2. Craziness here too.
    I will choose my own kind of craziness thanks very much.

  3. Ah, this is all too much. A worldwide epidemic of panic.
    I'm saving what little energy I have for the things that really matter and I can tell you it is not rushimg into the supermarket and clearing out the shelves.

  4. I refuse to fight over necessities. I went grocery shopping Friday and only got what I needed as I do every week. I would give my last water or meal to someone who needed it. If something gets so bad that we have to hoard? A week or two worth aint gonna matter anyway.

  5. I so agree, we're all in this together and it's up to us whether we sink or swim. we have to help each other out.

  6. Unfortunately I have a co-worker who is buying into all the hysteria. It is difficult not to get caught up in it all. But I will persevere, and hang out today catching up on my blogging, since church was cancelled today. I suppose it is for the best given the large number of elderly parishioners, but I wish I were there right now.

  7. What you've written makes so much sense. We can choose to behave as though there aren't enough resources to go around or we can share what we have.

  8. The funny thing to me is, I haven't met the person who bought all that toilet paper. Everyone I hear or talk to is frustrated at the CRAZY path many have taken. I chose to help when I can and try to live my life the best I can. TAke care and stay cool. also it must be nice to have a catalog! we don't! LOL
    Sherry & jack

  9. I don't get people going crazy all this stockpiling affects people like me who have to do shopping online

  10. The world is a crazy place at the moment and so are many of the people who live in it. Let's hope commonsense prevails and we show kindness and understanding.


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