Friday, March 27, 2020


Today was convert our greenhouse back into a screen porch. We needed muscle, so I hired a helper. Our great nephew Jordan showed up after lunch, and we dove in.

Not only did we have to remove all the frames and plastic, but we had to move all the citrus trees, ferns, bougainvilleas, and other assorted plants we protect from winter's bite. There is a split-leaf philodendron that in ancient. The plant was a gift from grandmother to her mom when they moved back from Chicago in 1965.

When it got too big for Jilda's mom to manage it, she gave it to us. It's in a large pot and weighs slightly less than Chevy Corvair.

Jordan helped me drags everything off the porch, and then he swept a winter's worth of dead leaves and then cleaned the tables, chairs, and the glider.

He earned his keep today. By the time we were finished, we were both whupped. He walked with me down into the garden to check on the beehives. Last year on this day, I captured my first swarm. I'd been a beekeeper for less than two weeks. Alas, there was no swarm today.

Jordan took the opportunity to rest on the garden bench under the oak tree. I think if I'd left him there, he would have napped. 

The school year has ended for the kids in Alabama. For some kids, that might mean an extended vacay from school. That's not the case. His mom is a stickler about reading, writing, science, and complex mathematics.

When he left here, he had to hit the books. Maybe I should have let him grab a nap.


  1. He has always "Helped" you out, now he is really helping out.

    1. You’re right Joe. He is a remarkable child and he’s not afraid of work.

  2. What a good helper bee, I am a big fan of enlisting child labor and my kids can confirm it haha. Bless the moms who are filling in for the school teachers and the school teachers for what they do. I'm good at being a chore list but not directing a classroom at home.

  3. Jordan is so big!! How old is he?

    Sounds like you have quite a project ahead for you.

  4. Jordan looks like a happy little dude. I bet he has lots of fun working with Uncle Rick. That's a great accomplishment by an adult--to make working so much fun that a child want to do the job with you.


  5. Echoing Janie Junebug. And all praise to Jordan's mama.

  6. Sure wish I knew of a Jordan-for-hire 'round these parts. What an awesome young man!

  7. Good post. I love to hear your relationship with Jordan. NEAT Uncle Rick. The thoughts of your hand-me-down philodendron brought a good feeling, is that super or what? I can't wrap my mind around that. Sherry's mama would have done something like that if it had been possible in her situation.
    Stay safe. Still admire y'all's home, still wish I had built one. At one time it was my dream design..
    Sherry & jack

  8. How time flies, it seems like you just moved all tht indoors for the winter.
    Such a nice helper you have, Hope he was able to get in a nap later on or may fell asleep with his school books.

  9. What a great helper he is! I think he’s a foot taller every time you post a photo of him.

  10. Isn't it great to have helpers like Jordon when you do these post I think of Leo


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