Friday, March 06, 2020

Beyond the reach of lens and shutter

I wish I were a poet
or at least had a poet's 
way with words.
There is so much in this image
that I can't describe,
and my camera can't capture.
Subtle hues and colors 
beyond the reach of 
lens and shutter.
Mother Nature
is an old master.
She is poetry in motion
without writing a word.


  1. Her colour palette is amazing and her galleries superb.

  2. Just a tiny area of Earth and it is like it's own universe, so much going on.

  3. You are so right, Rick. Nature is really poetry brought to life and colored by a Master's hand. Happy Saturday. Hugs- Diana

  4. Nature is amazing and it is hard to capture her beauty. I'm thinking you're a poet and don't know it.

  5. Nature is so lovely most of the time


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